Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thanks Tracy for my FIRST Blog Award!!!

I was absolutely thrilled when Tracy Evans of Crafty Addicts blog nominated me for this Beautiful Blogger Award!  Thank you so much Tracy, you are such a talented crafter and I am so honored that you included me in your list of people who inspire you!  Be sure to visit her blog - she goes beyond cards and well into multi-media projects, which is a direction I would like to head myself!

The terms of the award are:
  • That I thank and link to the person who gave it to me (check!)
  • Tell you ten things about myself
  • Pass it on to ten bloggers who inspire me, and leave a comment on their blogs to let them know!

Ten things about me:
  1. My father was already an officer in the Navy when I was born, so I don't have a hometown. Hometown for me is wherever Dad lives!  He's my hero!
  2. I don't have any children of my own, but my BFF sister took care of that for me when she had four, whom I love dearly!  Way to go, Janet! She's an awesome mom of amazing kids! No bias here at all! ;-)
  3. I lived in northern Italy all during high school. We lived on the Italian Riviera, in a wonderful villa on a cliff over the ocean. I attended boarding school in Vicenza, which was 45 minutes west of Venezia (Venice!) It was WONDERFUL!
  4. I like to knit, but not sweaters. I like to make lace shawls, hats, fingerless mitts. Basically, I knit things that are not in danger of turning out the wrong size!!!
  5. I don't watch TV (except the Olympics)! Ok, so I watch every two years, LOL! No moral opinions, I just don't! I do watch DVD movies occasionally, but usually I'm listening to a book!
  6. I am an avid reader, and own well over two thousand books. Moving all the time as a child meant books became friends that I didn't have to leave behind. I also re-read favorites, some even yearly!  I have recently grown addicted to audio books, so I can stamp and read at the same time. Books are movies that you get to cast and direct, all in your own head!
  7. I am afraid of boredom. I have a large purse (tote bag actually) so I am never without something to do or amuse, should I be trapped in a waiting room, traffic jam, long car trip, whatever! Be prepared, that's my motto!!
  8. I am happy in my own company. Being alone does not have to mean lonely. Plus it's a great time to stamp!
  9. I am a terrible housekeeper. If I'm not working I'd rather stamp!
  10. I am so grateful to have found this amazing world of stamping bloggers! The LSS in the nearest city closed, and this blogging world has filled a huge hole in my creative life. If you are reading this, I am talking about YOU - THANKS!
Now for the hard part. I subscribe to so many blogs in my Reader. How to limit it to ten blogs? I could nominate hundreds! I'd give one to Tracy but she just got hers!

Ten blogs that inspire me, in no particular order:
I could name so many more, and for all the other bloggers I subscribe to, you almost wound up on this list!

Thanks again Tracy, I'll never forget receiving my first blog award!


  1. Thanks for your comment on my card this morning. The stencil I used was an American Traditional one. You deserve the award your work is very inspirational. Tracy Evans x

  2. Good on you,Lynne.!!! Your Hero


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