Sunday, September 11, 2011

Week 2, CHAPTER 7: Text as Nonsense

I couldn't resist making a second project this month for The Altered Alice CHAPTER 7 Challenge: Text as Nonsense. I am in love with the wonderful silhouette stamps on the Alice 2 plate from our sponsor, Stamp Attack!

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I created the first page in my new Moleskine sketchbook. I got two of them: a red sketchbook for Alice projects and a black sketchbook for everything else. (They were almost one third off at Amazon, just click the link at left!) The paper is so smooth and heavy, a dream to stamp on, and it smells wonderful!  You may laugh but I just kept sticking my nose into the pages and inhaling the wonderful aroma of this paper! They were so beautiful and pristine that it took me a while to actually get the courage up to sully a page with one of my artistic attempts. But now I'm over that, lol!

I began by painting a backdrop for my "shadow puppets" with PanPastels. The grassy area was done with the oval sponge and all the rest was done with the Sofft Tool palette knives. LOVE them!! I started off with the 20 set of pure mass colors (the "Painting" set of 20) but I am going to order the tints and shades next, plus the palette trays.  The bulldog clips just help to weight down the pages while I'm working on it. I knew the curtains would cover the sides and the stage would cover the bottom. The silhouette images were stamped with black Versafine.

The front of the stage was punched with an EK edger punch of card suits and I scribbled red marker in the heart and diamond openings. I created the scroll with the title in Adobe Illustrator. The admission tickets are an old Art Tickets set that is still available from Invoke Arts.

I ran book pages through my crimper in all different directions to soften the paper fibers before I tried to pinch and glue the curtains into place. They are sponged with Distress Tea Dye ink on the folds. The tiebacks are ribbon. The ALICE Scrabble tile word and the key stamped on the curtain valance are also from the Stamp Attack Alice 2 plate.  I love making these curtains; you can see my first attempt on this circus tent page!

I hope you enjoyed my little Wonderland Shadow Puppet Theater. Please leave me a comment and think about playing along in this month's challenge!


  1. Oh Lynne another so beautiful pages with Alice.
    Amazing design and work. Love it, love it, love it. xoxo

  2. Those shadow stamps are lovely, what a great variation on those well known stamps. I love your theatre and think your curtains are so clever and effective and your background is wonderful. It's so great when one finds a new crafting item to fall in love with isn't it ;-)

  3. Oh Lynne...I am in love with this! And you are not helping me here - I'm trying NOT to invest in Pan Pastels...

  4. Wow Lynn I think you've found your calling in Art Journaling!! What an amazing lot of books you are going to have! Each page you make is truly amazing :)

  5. One word.....Awesome! The curtains, the background scene, the stage, the colors...and of course, your choice of stamps are perfect!

  6. Only a true paper crafter can love the smell of paper. I'm going to have to try the Pan Pastels. I'm going a stamp expo next weekend, and I know they have them there. What colors should I start with? Love your project.

  7. I just entered the altered alice challenge and I just have to say this is simply amazing! You are one talented lady! x

  8. Love what you have done with my stamp designs. I am just getting into Pan Pastels myself.


  9. Such amazing artwork! I'm surprised I haven't commented on it already. LOL (Actualy, I thought I had!) Need to investigate those Pan Pastels. LOVE the effect. The whole stage and curtain thing is just wonderful! xxD

  10. Another fabulous piece and great coloring with the Pan Pastels - they are really fantastic, aren't they ?!
    Love those silhouette stamps. Your curtains are outstanding, will keep this technique in my mind.

  11. I love the way the curtains frame the figures in the middle! Wonderful...
    Thanks for sharing this with us.


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