Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm Singing for Joy - My Very Own Amber INK Set!!!!

PhotobucketI'm singing for joy as the winner of Amber INK's very first 21 Day Challenge!  Amber promised the prize would be amazing! Stupendous! Of incredible super-duper prizelike proportions! So what did I win? Are you ready?

MY VERY OWN STAMP SET DESIGNED BY AMBER!!!!!!  I get to design a stamp set and Amber will draw it, and I hope scores of you will decide that you, too, must have it! Maybe it will become your favorite go-to set, as I am sure it will become mine!

So, what did I ask for, is that what you are wondering?  Well, my favorite Amber INK stamps are the Amber Girls! I love them; they're hip, they're sassy, they've got style, they have great hair, and they are so much fun to color. But you know what? They are too darned skinny (and I am too darned plus sized, are you with me?) Lookee:

Amber INK
Click to enlarge

This is my favorite Amber INK set - Rainy Day - she is so much fun to color and/or paper piece! My other favorite Amber Girls can be seen  here (my prize winning entry!) and here.

So when Amber told me I got to design my own set, I already knew what I wanted - an Amber WOMAN set! Full-figured and fashionable! More to love! With great hair! And communicating - I wanted the set to be called Let's Communicate!  I sent my ideas in to Amber and she approved!

I got to see the first rough sketches today, and you can too! They are amazing!  Click any one to go to Amber's "Workroom" where you can see the full size sketches and watch the set as it develops!

Amber INK     Amber INK     Amber INK

So, what do you think? Do you like my idea for a digi stamp set?  Do any of you out there like the idea of a fun, fashionable and full-figured stamp line?  Also, what sentiments do you think should be included for the bubbles?  PLEASE comment - I really REALLY want to know what you think! 

Amber INKIs this the most amazing challenge blog ever or what?  I think you need to enter - the challenge this month is Halloween and with 21 days to enter (followed by three days of voting) you've got time!  Trick or Treaty Amber Inky! The three runner-ups get goodies too, so get crackin' - and check out all of Amber's adorable Halloween iPaper and digi stamps!  After all, the grand prize will be really and truly extremely INKredible!


  1. What a great idea Lynn - i am with you all the way! The sketches look great - would just say her trousers look a little too short - which makes her look a little dumpy .. but other thAt fab!
    Love the card - i love the colours
    Lisa ;)

  2. Oh What a brilliant idea, and a wonderful prize, how exciting :)
    Love the fuller figure girlies (being one myself), can't wait till they are available to buy:)

  3. Isn't this OTT??? I love where you are going with this - the hard part is going to be in making choices...all three look so darn cute!
    Your skinny Rainy Day Ambergirl looks Primo, but now let's show them what "traditionally built" women can do! LOL!

  4. Lynn, your coloring on this card looks amazing! LOVE the boots and the coat. Love it!
    And congrats on this awesome prize. Love your idea for the stamp set.

    Hugs and smiles

  5. Congrats girl!! That is a super cool prize! I love your ideas it could be the best seller wouldn't that just blow your mind? I'm so happy for you. You do such a beautiful job coloring I know this line will be fab!!


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