Tuesday, March 3, 2009

First Post, My First Blog Layout!

I am just starting my blog, and trying things out!  I couldn't find a blogger layout template that appealed.  I noticed a lot of the cute layouts have a credit in the corner for thecutestblogontheblock.  What a great site!  I did not use any of their wonderful free backgrounds, but I did rely on their Blog Secrets to customize this blog layout and create my own background!

I started with the Minima layout because it looked the easiest to alter.  Just like my love of altered art, I had to start my blog by altering it.  I added a third column, changed the width,  and it went on from there!  

They recommended the Digi Scrap Depot website for freebies, and were my eyes opened!  I am a graphic/web designer and had never known about digital scrapbooking.  I went a little crazy on my background, but I was having such a good time with digital paper and elements from the Beautiful collection by Bel Vidotti!

I hope it is not too much.  Let me know what you think. Future posts will contain info and pictures on cards and other projects, so please check back.


  1. To answer your question on my blog - it is the last card, Summer Sun with the turquoise bird!!! THANKS!

  2. Lynne -- Love it all!! wow, you been busy, while I've been lounging around in bed this week! You did good -- now show me some ART!

  3. stampingobsessions.blogspot.comMonday, March 16, 2009

    Your new blog looks great! Love the header. Wonderful coloring on the bottle.


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